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Mantelpiece & Fireplace Decorating Ideas

The mantelpiece is a very important part of any room. Most of the mantelpieces found in modern houses are hideous, and it is worth while removing them and putting in their place something simpler and inoffensive. An applied molding of bold design can surround the fireplace opening, and above this a flying shelf may be fixed. At all costs the Victorian register stove should be taken out. Fireplaces may be fitted with backs and sides of fireclay, so that a good heat is concentrated and thrown out into the room. If a hob-grate is used the interior of the fireplace may be lined with reeded or moulded iron panels or tiles. Dutch tiles, old or copied, are preferable to the type of patterns most builders favour, or tiles of a plain colour, in slate or marble ; and for rooms of simple decoration, a bricked fireplace may be built up with very charming effect.

If possible old bricks should be used, and a hob grate constructed, the bars being let into the brickwork. Some skill and experience will be required in the carrying out of such work, otherwise an unpleasant suggestion of crudity may be conveyed.

A raised hearth improves the appearance of an interior where there is a basket grate, and an old cast-iron fireback, or a reproduction of one, adds to the interest and character of a fireplace.

Fireplace with Applied Molding and Flying Shelf
Fireplace with Applied Molding and Flying Shelf

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