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Wallpaper Color Schemes: Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, etc

A few examples of color schemes can follow the outlines of decoration that have occupied us so far, and we will begin with wallpaper.

Living Room Wallpaper

A living room may be treated very pleasantly with buff wallpaper, which can be panelled with a border. Many patterns of borders are obtainable, and a narrow rope design would be suitable, in a darker shade of buff. This border should run below the cornice and above the skirting if there is no dado, and can mark the angles by running vertically. The woodwork should be white. Mahogany furniture would be excellent in such a room, and Sheraton or Hepplewhite models, with modern Bergere chairs, and modern sofas, deeply-sprung, with loose covers of printed linen, would be most suitable. The pictures can be in light gilt frames, and one or two antique mirrors of simple Georgian type, like Queen Anne mirrors, could provide treatments for the overmantel and any recess that might require additional lighting. Flowers of pink, mauve or purple would be best in this setting, and the whole color effect would be well adapted to a south aspect.

Victorian Interior
Victorian Interior, 1855.
Plain walls with floral wallpaper borders.

Dining Room Wallpaper

For a dining-room we could have reseda green jaspe paper on the walls, with a grey border running above the skirting and below the cornice. This border can be rope, or ribbon and reed, but it should not be too wide, and it should not be carried up the angles because a strong color like green has a better effect if it is continuous. Again the woodwork can be white, and there can be curtains in a shade of buff made of some material like velvet, and matching a buff carpet. A fitment sideboard is of great value in a small dining-room, and one could be fitted in one of the chimneypiece recesses, with a fitted china cupboard to balance it in the other recess. Or if there are no fitments, a small Sheraton or Chippendale sideboard in plain mahogany, with ladder-backed chairs, and a simple mahogany dining table would be appropriate and very good in effect. In such a room, with the wall color dominating every other shade, the use of white or pale yellow flowers is indicated.


Small Bedroom

For a small bedroom a chintz wallpaper copied from some old Queen Anne design is very bright and cheerful, and the woodwork can be cream. There should be plain curtains, taking up the chief color in the wallpaper, and any style of furniture may be used, walnut, mahogany, or modern painted and decorated furniture.

Large Bedroom

In a fairly large room maize-colored wallpaper, with a grey border, will make the most of the room's proportions. Grey curtains and a grey felt carpet can be used in such a room, and the introduction of rugs in some bright color, such as blue, will accentuate the warmth of the aspect. This again is a setting suitable for any type of furniture.

Most schemes planned for paintwork can be carried out with plain wallpaper, except those which involve panelling.

Bedroom Treatment

The following suggestion for a bedroom treatment could easily be achieved by either method : Cream woodwork, and plain, beige-colored walls; a grey carpet, and curtains with a lot of color in them. This is offered as a very simple bedroom scheme, relying on the curtains for the principal color note, giving a fresh and pretty effect and an excellent background for furniture modern or antique.

A bedroom in blue and grey is not difficult to contrive, the grey appearing as the solid, background color, while blue plays the part of trimming. A grey jaspe paper on the walls and a grey carpet make a combination that requires the relief of lighter and more vigorous hues. Blue can appear in the curtains, on the coverlet of the bed, in the lamp shades, and on the loose covers of the furniture. The toilet service can be blue, and the finger plates and door handles. With white woodwork, a room decorated in this manner and furnished with modern white or grey-painted furniture, or light mahogany furniture of Sheraton type, would be charming. It rather demands a south aspect.

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