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Carpet Flooring Decorating Ideas

A room has a more spacious effect if it is carpeted from wall to wall instead of having a square of carpet with a polished wood surround or margin. In a small house it is a good plan to have carpets of the same color in all the rooms, and in a flat this idea is particularly valuable. A good hair carpet is very practical as well as useful and inexpensive : it should be of some neutral tint that will not clash with any other color. There is much to be said in favour of floors stained black and polished, with Chinese or Persian rugs on them ; and in a room of fairly large size, rugs displayed against such an effective background can prove most attractive.

The carpet can form the base of a color scheme, or it may be simply something that matches the walls and curtains; but the importance of the part it fulfils must not be underestimated. With Oriental rugs and their varying hues and combinations of hues we have perhaps more freedom in arrangement and a wider field of choice, but we are not likely to be seriously restricted where plain carpets are concerned, for our needs are seldom difficult to satisfy.

William Morris Interior
William Morris Interior, 1896.
An example of Arts and Crafts style carpeting and rugs used in the drawing room of Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, London.

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