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Culina, Roman Kitchens

In the description of this edifice, no mention has been made of a Culina, or kitchen of the Cellaria, Apothecx, and other offices which must necessarily have belonged to such a building. These, without doubt, were in proportion to the other parts of so great a work, and must have been placed in the half sunk or vaulted story. Part of these vaults now remain entire, and at present are used by the merchants for warehouses. They lie all along that side of the Palace next to the sea, and under the Crypto Porticus.

There is also another vault which runs from South to North, under the Atrium, Vestibulum, and to which appears to have been a common entry to all the underground offices. These have been partly deftroyed, and partly filled up; infsomuch that without great labor and expense in digging, it was not possible exactly to discover their disposition, or to form any plausible conjecture concerning their different uses. I attempted, however, at different times, to dig in various quarters of the Palace, and very probably might have made some useful discoveries, had not the repeated alarms and complaints of the inhabitants prevailed upon the Governor to send me the most positive orders to desist. I was therefore obliged, though with regret, to obey, and hastened to finish what remained uncompleted above ground, lest fresh suspicions should have prevented me from proceeding with that more essential part of my work.

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