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Gynaceum & Aulicorum Aedes

All the buildings which we have hitherto surveyed, lie on the South side of that street which runs from the East to the West Gate. On the North of that street were situated two buildings (k) and (1), not much inferior in extent, nor probably in magnificence, to those we have already described: but by the injuries of time, and the depredations of the Spalatrines, these structures are reduced to a very ruinous condition; and though some walls still remain, which fix the form and dimensions of a few apartments, and show that they consisted of two stories, yet we have little to guide us in judging with regard to the arrangement and disposition of the whole. I have ventured, however, to form a plan of these buildings, by observing as carefully as possible such traces of the ancient divisions as are still visible.

This I lay before the reader, who must rest satisfied with conjecture, where certainty cannot be attained. I suppose one of these builings (k) to have been a Gynaceum, or an apartment allotted by the Ancients for the matrons and young women, and the other (1) I call the Aulicorum Aedes, or apartments for the different attendants on a court. The Jesuit Farlatus mentions such apartments as constituting part of this Palace; as also a Domus Uxoris (i), or apartment for the Empress; which last I have already placed in the east end of the Palace, corresponding to that of the Emperor.

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