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General Plan of the Palace

Although in this Plate the Parts shaded with a dark Colour are what alone appear now above Ground; yet I have ventured to call this a Plan of the Palace as it remains; the Parts supplied in a lighter Colour being traced with the greatest Certainty; either from the Foundations, or formed by joining the Lines of the corresponding Walls.

General Plan of the Palace as it now remains.
General Plan of the Palace as it now remains.

A. The North or principal Gate, called still by its ancient Name, Porta Aurea.

B. The Street leading to the Emperor's Apartments.

C. The West Gate, called Porta Ferrea.

D. The East Gate, called Porta AInea.

E. Street running from the East to the West Gate.

F. The Piazza, or Court of the Palace.

G. The Temple of Jupiter, now the Cathedral Church, consecrated to the Virgin Mary and St. Domnius.

H. The Temples of Aesculipius, now the Baptistery, consecrated to St. John the Baptist.

I. The Vestibule of the Palace.

K. Other Apartments of the Palace.

L. Bathing Apartments, etc. M. Square and Wagon Towers.

N. Gallery to the South, or Crypto Porticus.

0. Vaulted Cells round the exterior Walls of the Palace.

P. A detached Building much ruined.

Q. Another detached Building.

R. Streets of Communication within the Palace.

S. Covered Arcades on each Side of the principal Streets.

T. Open Courts.

N. B. As the Explanation of Plate VI. describes very fully the Names and Uses of the different Apartments of the Palace, to avoid Repetition, I have here referred by Letters only to the principal Parts of this Plan.

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