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General Plan of the Restored Palace

The Defcription of the general Plan, explaining the Manner of disposing the Apartments in the Houses of the Ancients, refers to this Plate.

General Plan of the Restored Palace
General Plan of the Restored Palace.

A. Peristylium, or Fore Court.

B. Porticus, or Portico.

C. Vestibulum, or Vestibule.

D. Atrium, or Great Hall.

E. Cella Oftiarii, or Porters Lodge.

F. Tablinum, or Repository for Records.

G. Crypto Porticus, or Gallery for Exercises and Walking.

H H. Alax Atrii, or Wings of the Hall.

I I. Andrones, aut Mefaulx, or Passages of Communication, and for preventing Noise.

K. Basilica, or Room for Theatrical and Musical Entertainments.

L. Oecos, aut Triclinium Egyptium, or Egyptian Hall.

M. Oecos, aut Triclinium Corinthium, or Corinthian Hall.

N. Oecos, aut Triclinium Cyzicenum, or Cyzicene Hall.

0. Oeci, aut Triclinia Tetraftyla, or Rooms of four Columns.

P. Exedrae, or Rooms for Conversation.

Q: Apodyterium, or a Dressing and Undressing Room.

R. Calida Pifcina, or Lukewarm Bath.

S. Cella Frigidaria cum Baptifterio, or Room containing a Cold Bath.

T. Unduarium, or Repository for Unguents.

U. Cella Tepidaria, feu Cella Media, or Room of moderate Heat.

V. Laconicum feu Cella Caldaria, or a Sweating Room or Bagnio.

W. Spheristerium feu Coriceum, or Room for Exercife of the Ball, etc.

X. Cubiculum Dormitorium DIOCLETIANI, or Diocletian's Bed-Chamber.

Y. Cenatio, or Supping Room.

Z. Procoetones, or Ante-Chambers.

a. Cella Liberti, or Freedmans Room.

b. Cella Servorum, or Slaves Rooms.

c. Hypocauston, or Furnace.

d. Propnygeon aut Priefurnium, or Room before the Furnace.

e. Milliarium, or Spiral Pipe of Copper for heating Water for the Hot Bath.

f. Cella Lignarix, or Vaults for Wood.

g. Templum Aeculapii, or Temple of Aesculapius.

h. Templum Jovis, or Temple of Jupiter.

i. Sacellum et Ara, or Chapel and Altar.

k. Gynecium, eft Textrinum, feu Conclave, or Apartments for Matrons and Young Women.

1. Aulicorum lides, or Apartments for Courtiers.

m. Porta Aurea, or Golden Gate.

n. Porta Ferrea, or Iron Gate.

o. Porta AEnea, or Brazen Gate.

N. B. I have explained this Plate not only by the Terms used amongft the Ancients, but likewise by a Translation, such as they would admit of.

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