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Sonia Furniture

Sonia S.A., from Valencia, Spain and founded in 1990, manufactures bathroom furniture, bath fixtures and accessories, lighting, and various other home and hotel products.

Sonia Bathroom Chair
Sonia Bathroom Chair.

The Sonia range includes bath accessories such as paper holders, faucets, and sinks, to more upmarket products like glass vessels, mirrors, bidets, and furniture, in accord with current market trends. Sonia´s accessories, furniture, bath vanities, and storage ideas are made of the best materials including marine-grade wood, fire clay, glass, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Sonia accessories are said to be not only stylish and useful, they are made for long lasting, everyday use. Not only the base materials used in manufacturing, but also their finishing, is of the highest quality. The outer finish coating, in chrome, matte chrome or polished nickel, is what makes each Sonia accessory resistant to corrosion.

Sonia Vanity Basin
Sonia Vanity Basin.

Sonia furniture, whether bathroom vanities or storage furniture, is of stylish and elegant design without being over-designed and pretentious and is ideal for guest rooms or your bathroom. Whether free standing bath consoles or wall mounted sinks, Sonia furniture is created with a delightful combination of hi-tech knowhow and artistic craftsmanship.

Sonia furniture is made from sturdy marine-grade multi-layer wood that is free of fibers or agglomerations (i.e. particle board). The quality materials make each peice water-repellent, the distinguising mark of Sonia bathroom furniture. Normally humidity or long-term water exposure will wear down most ordinary bath vanities however Sonia design and making allow for the sudden temperature changes and high humidity prevalent in any bathroom. Even being submerged in water will not cause any distortions in the wood.

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