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Hydrants & Domestic Fire Extinguishers

Hydrants. These are valves placed upon supply pipes, and are used for watering roads, gardens, and for extinguishing fires. In towns hydrants are usually placed at frequent intervals along the roads. In large country houses it is advisable to carry water mains round the building with hydrants at suitable places, and branches should also be carried round the interior of the building with hydrants on each floor.

Domestic Fire Extinguishers. The old-fashioned glass bottles containing chemicals are not to be commended, but some of the later chemical fire-extinguishers are at once handy and efficient if applied in the early stages of a conflagration. In some fire-extinguishers sulphuric acid mingles with bicarbonate of soda in solution, producing a large quantity of carbonic acid, which forces the water out in a violent stream. The extinguisher is set in motion by the simple process of turning it upside down.

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