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Water Wheel and Turbine Pumps

Water Wheel Driving Pumps, both overshot and under-shot, may be used for raising water, and picture 53 gives a sketch of the former type.

Water Wheel Pump
Picture 53. Water Wheel Pump.

Turbine-driven pumps are also used, as shown in picture 54. Arrangements may also be made when fixing for driving electric lighting, laundry and refrigerating machinery from the same turbine or wheel.

When power is being installed for the production of electricity for lighting purposes, it frequently happens that one small motor can economically pump the water up to the house.

Windmills are sometimes used for pumping water; but if adopted the reservoir should be capable of containing at least one full week's supply. On an average it may be taken that in Great Britain wind blows with a pressure of one pound per square foot for one-third of the twenty-four hours.

Turbine Driven Pump
Picture 54. Turbine Driven Pump.

Steam engines require a good deal of attention, and consequently are not much used for pumping small supplies; but the introduction of gas-producing plants on a small scale has recently drawn much attention to this power for pumping in conjunction with the production of electric current for illuminating and heating purposes.

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