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How to Install Gutters

Gutters. Iron eaves gutters (picture 37) should be fixed so as to quickly convey the water to the iron or lead rain-water down pipes.

Roof Eaves
Picture 37, Roof Eaves.

Lead gutters to parapets should not be less than 12 in. wide, in order to give room for a person to walk along them without damaging the slates or tiling. They should be laid with sheet lead weighing at least 6 Ib. to 8 Ib. per superficial foot, and constructed with a fall of not less than 1 ½ in. in 10 ft, with 2-in. drips at required lengths, and with a cesspool formed at the end of the gutter, having a pipe connected to the rainwater head at the top of the down pipe. A wire domed cover should be fitted to the outlet to prevent it becoming stopped up with leaves or debris.

These gutters should have snow-guards formed of transverse bearers and strong battens, ½ in. to 1 in. apart, according to the width of the gutter, so that after a heavy fall of snow a clear way underneath the same may be left for the water to pass to the down pipe.

Snow-guards are effective safeguards in protecting the gutters from workmen when engaged upon repairs ; and they also protect the lead gutters from the heat of the sun, and minimize expansion and contraction to a considerable extent.

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