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House Roof Turrets

Turrets are little towers that project out from a building, without running down to the ground, and are most associated with medieval homes and castles although their use as purely decorative features of exterior house design has persisted. Turrets are frequently designed to hold clocks or bells or to serve as observatories (picture below), and they can be very effective features. The architects of the Georgian period have left many fine examples. Modern turrets are often far too small for the position they occupy, and it must always be remembered that they are usually at the highest point of the building, and are therefore foreshortened, and appear reduced in size owing to the distance from the eye. An insignificant turret reminds one of a man wearing a hat which is much too small for him, but care must be taken not to pass to the other extreme of a lady with a picture-hat.

A Turret on a Baronial House in Scotland
A Turret on a Baronial House in Scotland.

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