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Entrance Doorways

Doorways. The front doorway is a feature which lends itself to special treatment, and should generally be emphasized so as to give it importance and an inviting aspect; shelter of some sort should be provided for the visitor between ringing the bell and gaining admission. This may be effected by a recessed opening or by a small projecting roof or by a simple treatment in the form of a porch with a carved projecting hood similar to those of the Georgian period.

The entrance doorway in a small house need not usually be higher than six feet six inches ; the porch should be not less than four feet in length and may be as wide as five feet. The door itself may, if necessary, be hung in two unequal widths, and the smaller portion need only be opened for special purposes.

It is often necessary to introduce more light into a large hall than can be effected through a fanlight, and in that case a range of mullioned windows may be designed with the entrance door.

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