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Nursery Chairs

Ideas for furnishing nurseries, nursery chairs.

Nursery furnishing has developed so enormously that several sections might be devoted to it. There have been many types of children's chairs made in the past, from the quaintly-carved oak examples of the seventeenth century to the unbeautiful contrivances, high chairs, in polished wood with hinged trays for food or toys, that restrain the energetic activities of extreme youth by clamps and straps.

Nursery Scene, 1928
Nursery Scene, 1928.
A proposal for a decorative scheme for a nursery shows a simple floral stripe wallpaper with a design of circus performers as a pictorial frieze, and a chair.

Modern designers have displayed both sympathy and discernment in their treatment of nursery furniture, and have made chairs in oak, plain and washable, or painted with amusing fancies of birds and animals and fairies that possess real living interest for children. Pieces of clean, refreshing colour against a white background have an instructive value, and the very simple decoration of modern nursery chairs is bright with suggestion of form and fancy, conveyed by skilful coloring.

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