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Bathroom & Hall Chairs

Decorating and furnishing ideas with bathroom and antique hall chairs.

Bathroom Chairs

From the bedroom to the bathroom we follow the chair question, and here we find that modern furnishers have catered for us quite extensively. There are all sorts of bathroom chairs, ranging from a reproduction of a plain type of Chippendale armchair in white enamel with a cork seat, to a futurist and altogether modern design in black and white.

Windsor chairs may be painted black or white for bathroom use; and there are chairs in oak, plain and washable and most useful; and chairs with cane seats and backs, and stools in white enamel, which is the conventional bathroom colour.

Hall Chairs

For halls of simple treatment the rather solid oak chair has a note of welcome in its appearance ; some Jacobean design, straight-backed, hard-seated, but pleasant Jacobean chairs as only oak can be pleasant. Its obvious discomfort does not matter, for how many of us make a habit of sitting in a small hall, whose chief feature is too often a through draught from the front door to the rest of the house, upstairs and along passages? We may consider rush-seated and spindle-back or ladder-back chairs for the hall as well, and modern cottage furniture in plain oak is quite suitable.

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