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Spheristerium to Cubiculum to Canatio

On the other side of the Cella Media was a Spheristerium (W), a room alotted for the different exercises of the ball: this too must have been lighted from the roof. On the other side was the Emperor's Cubiculum Dormitorium, or Bed Chamber (X), which lay extremely convenient for the Bathing Apartment, and seems to have been particularly contrived for excluding light and noise. Pliny mentions an invention of the same kind in a bed chamber at his villa of Laurentinum.

Adjoining to it, and towards the Crypto Porticus, was what I take to have been a private Canatio (Y), or Supping Room. This enjoyed the benefit of the setting sun, which for winter eating rooms Vitruvius recommends as requisite. On the other side of the Cubiculum Dormitorium lie three rooms, two of which, upon the authority of Pliny, I name Procxtones, or Ante-chambers (Z), and the other Cella Liberti (a), or Freedmans Room.

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