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View of the Aqueduct

View of the Aqueduct
View of the Aqueduct.

This Aqueduct is vulgarly supposed to have been a Highway leading from Salona to Split: But besides the Remains of the Conduit for Water, which is yet observable in many Places, it is too narrow ever to have served for any other Purpose than that of an Aqueduct, as it is not above Eight Feet wide over the Walls. The Nature of the Soil itself was sufficient to convince me of the Absurdity of the common Hypothesis, as the Aqueduct is built either on a hard Rock, or firm Gravel, which rendered any artificial Highway entirely useless between Salona and the Palace.

* Vischer, in his Architecture Historique, mentions this Aqueduct as conveying Water from the River Jader, which has its Source in the Mountains two Miles above Salona. In this I think he is right; but cannot agree with his Supposition of there having been a high Road over it; which he seems to have borrowed without Examination, from the common Tradition prevalent among the Spalatrines.

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