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Geometrical Section of Temple

A. Inside of the Dome, viewing the Construction of the Brickwork. B. Entablature of the Second Order, (see Plate XXXVI.) C. A Frieze which goes round the Temple, (see Plates XXXVIII. and XXXIX.) D. Entablature of the First Order, (see Plate XXXV.) E. Impost Cornice of the Niches, (see Plate XXXVII.)

Geometrical Section of Temple
Geometrical Section of Temple.

F. Door of the Temple. G. Arched Window over the Door. H. Section through the Portico to the Temple. I. Pedestal and Section of the Stairs to the Temple. K. Seation through the Collonade which Surrounds the Temple.

The Shafts of the Columns of the First or Corinthian Order within the Temple, are of Oriental Granite of one Stoine. The Capitais and Bases of the Columns, and all the Entablature, are of Parian Marble. Behind the Corinthian Capitals of the Columns, there are Pilaster Capitals, with a very small Projection, of the same Marble with the Capitals of the Columns: But no Pilaster is carried down, nor no Base shown, which, however defective it may have been, makes me think that nothing more than the Capitals was ever intended.

The Shafts of the Columns of the second Order, which is Composite, are alternately of Verde Antique, or Ancient Green Marble, and Porphyry, of one Piece. The Capitals and Entablature are also of Parian Marble. Behind each Column in the Second Order is a Pilaster, which projects One Fourth of its Diameter. The Shafts of the Pilasters are of the same Stone as the Walls of the Temple, and worked solid with the Wall; but the Capitals are of the same Marble with that of the Columns. It is very remarkable that this Order had no Bases, either to the Columns or Pilasters, like the Grecian Doric; and the Height of the Column and Capital does not exceed Seven Diameters, which is three Diameters less than is allowed to this Order in most of the other Works of the Ancients.

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