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View of Split from the East

View of the Town of Split from the East
View of the Town of Split from the East.

A. The Temple of Jupiter, now the Cathedral Church.

B. A Modern Spire, built upon the Landing of the Stairs to the Temple of Jupiter, mostly composed of Fragments of Marble brought from Salona, and of Columns of Granite and other Materials, taken from the Palace. It now serves as a Steeple to the Cathedral Church.

C C. Ancient Walls of the Palace.

D D D. Modern Fortifications.

E E. The Bay of Salona, which runs up into the Country three Miles, behind the Mountain Margliano.

F. Lazaretto.

G. The Harbour.

H. Point of Land which forms the west Side of the Great Bay of Spalatro.

I. The Mountain Margliana.

K K K K. Islands in the Adriatic belonging to the Venetians.

L. The Isthmus of Trau, anciently Tragurium, three Leagues from Split; from which Place the Stones were brought to build the Walls of Diocletian's Palace. These Quarries still remain open, and in them the People of Trau find Stones of the same Quality with those of which many Parts of the Palace are constructed.

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