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Further information on the history of Egyptian home interiors is presented here.

Further Reading

Books, Magazines

The best general history of Egypt is the The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt.

Useful books which deal with Egyptian furniture style include Egyptian Woodworking and Furniture and Ancient Egyptian Furniture: 4000-1300 Bc.

A look at the insides of ancient Egyptian homes can be found in Ancient Egyptian Homes.

Websites, Links

Furniture in Ancient Egypt is the University College of London's look at the subject and a good place for further reading.

Gate Mulitmedia produces custom Egyptian wallpaper inspired from carvings and figures found in ancient Egyptian tombs and palaces.

Images & Pictures

The British Museum has a small collection of pictures of ancient Egyptian furnishings. Furniture Preserved in Museums lists a series of links to single images of royal furnishings. And of course there is the Egyptian Museum which displays some beautiful, high quality, pictures of ancient Egypt furniture.

Ancient Egypt Carpentry

A topic of interest some books on ancient Egypt carpentry and woodworking include Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, and Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries.


Some ideas for Egyptian decor & gifts as well as Egyptian style furniture.

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