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Ancient Roman Bedrooms

Roman bedrooms (cubicula) were not considered so important by the Romans as by us, because probably they were used simply to sleep in and not as living rooms as well. They were very small, and were spartanly furnished, even in the best of houses. Some of these likely had anterooms in connection with the cubicula, which were probably lived in by servants.

Even in modest houses there was often a recess for the bed. Some Roman bedrooms were likely to have been used only for midday siesta and as such these bedrooms were naturally located in the cooler part of the peristylum and were named cubicula diurna.

Roman Bedroom
Roman Bedroom.

The other kind of ancient Roman bedroom were called cubicula nocturna or dormitoria, and were put so far as possible on the west side of the court in order that they would be greeted by the morning sun. In the houses of the upper classes bedrooms were often in the second story of the peristyle.

Bedroom in a Roman Villa
Bedroom in a Roman Villa.

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