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English Clockmakers, Antique English Clock Makers

Some of the most famous English clockmakers prior to 1700 were: Bartholomew Newsam, who was established in London from 1568 to 1593; Rainulph Bull, keeper of His Majesty's great clock in 1617; Ferdinando Garrett, a working clockmaker, in 1600; William North, in 1615; Thomas Alcock, in 1661; and Daniel Ramsay, in 1610.

The Clockmakers' Company was chartered in 1631 and was a trade guild for protecting the trade in London, or within ten miles thereof.

Edward East, one the most noted of English makers, was at work by 1620, and became watchmaker to Charles I. Henry Jones was at the height of his fame about 1673, and Samuel Betts about 1640. Thomas Tompion, known as the "Father of English watchmaking" had by 1658 attained much renown. He was succeeded by Daniel Quare, who had a shop at St. Martin's le Grand, London, in 1676.

There was also Timothy Gray, 1633; Peter Laundre, 1640; James Gibson, 1669; James Clewes, 1670; John Hunt, 1671; Thomas Grimes, 1671; Joseph Windmills, 1671; William Dent, 1674; Charles Le Febuce, 1687; and scores of others.

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