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Seashell Furniture, Home Decor & Decorating

The use of seashells in furniture design, home decor and decorating has a long history dating back to ancient times. Indeed the humble seashell gave its name to a whole style of furniture in the eighteenth century, the rococo in France.

Today seashell furniture and nautical seashell home decor is undergoing something of a revival in the world of modern design furnishing. Some date the renewal of interest in the decorative uses of the sea shell to the publication in 2002 of Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Shells. This groundbreaking work contained easy to follow free projects for traditional seashell crafts and forms of seashell art like flower arranging and shell-encrusted boxes, as well as other patterns highlighting the various decorating uses of seashells by contemporary designers.

Seashell Furniture

The seashell has most often been used to decorate mirror frames, and chests. In more recent times small stores and furniture designers have developed new ranges of seashell furniture that incorporate shell decorations on coffee tables, console tables, pedestals, as well as other items of home furniture, even whole dining sets.

Seashell Home Decor

More traditionally home accessories have long been adorned with shells, in particular lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures. Picture frames, small wood boxes, candle holders, architectural ornaments, and other crafts can all sport seashell decorations.

Most often seashell design decor is used in the living room naturally, but also recent trends have led to nautical inspired seashell bathroom schemes. Even the bedroom, in the form of seashell bedding, can accomodate the style.

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