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The furniture of our countryside reflects the taste and passion of the people of this land. - Indro Montanelli

To define what is Tuscan furniture is not the easiest of tasks with the furniture associated with the province of Tuscany in Italy being not a typical "movement" or stage in the history of design. The problem is confounded when we see that there are probably two broad traditions within Tuscan furniture, that based in the city of Florence and being of the grand and ornate type, handpainted and often graced with the most elaborate decorative accents, and that based in country areas and being of a more simple, rustic nature.

Tuscan Style

The Tuscan style of furniture design, decorating modes and interiors is one which evokes the provincial, rustic charm of Tuscany, that makes echoes of, and provides a little visceral access to, the simple, unhurried life of the inhabitants of rural Tuscany and their homes and farmhouses, and surrounding countryside.


Tuscan style furniture is made of wood, of the rustic or natural kind, like cypress, fir, chestnut and poplar, and it incorporates the use of leather and iron or metal in the accessories or upholstering, similar to Spanish furniture. Tuscan furniture also often has a distinctively old or antique look to it.

Tuscan furniture is ultimately a classical form of furniture design in that it is based on straight lines in accordance with classic Italian or Roman principles of architecture. In contrast, however, to the majestic and overpowering classical furniture of Italian Renaissance furniture the Tuscan style is far more humanised and down to earth, the architectural elements, and the decorative accents, are not allowed to drown the piece in its own magnificence, rather there is a restrained elegance and proportion, perhaps in line with Tuscan homes and their own architecture.

Tuscan Colors

The most important colors in the Tuscan scheme of furnishings and decorating are deep, rich red and cool, Mediterranean blue which serve to create a sense of warmth and vibrancy.


Stone work is made much use of in Tuscan decor and interiors with granite, limestone, and marble featuring prominently in Tuscan style kitchens and bathrooms.


Raw, unprettified metals such as tin, copper, iron, and pewter are also features of Tuscan home decorating. Unpolished, without much shine, they blend in well with the simple country style of furnishing that Tuscany is famous for.

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