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Aero, the Aerobed Company

Aero Products International, Inc, the manufacturers of aerobeds was founded in 1992 and hails from Chicago. The Aero company quickly established itself as the leader in air filled bedding products and aero beds remain popular items of furnishing today particularly with younger segments of the market.

The central aspect in technological terms of the aerobed is its patented pump and valve function which permits speedy inflation and deflation of the beds whether in outdoor or indoor environments.

The Original Aerobed
The Original Aerobed, in twin, full, and queen sizes.

TV home shopping outlets and mail order catalogs were the first place aerobeds and mattresses came to be marketed, in the mid nineties. There was some early resistance to the sale of air beds in retail stores due to the belief that the product had to be demonstrated first before consumers would accept this new use of air. The company saw sales greatly increase after the release of a series of infomercials in 1998 and following this success specialist retailers and larger stores began stocking aerobeds.

Raised Pillowtop Aero Bed
Raised Pillowtop Aero Bed, in twin, full, and queen sizes.

A number of new products have followed the original aerobed design including raised aero beds, in 2001, which normalised the appearance of the air bed in accord with traditional perceptions on bed height.

General Advice on Aerobeds

On the whole it is likely that aerobeds are best suited as temporary or guest bedding. Some chiropractors have doubted whether the aerobed is suitable for long term use given the sometimes varying level of support they offer to the back. Reviews of the aerobed are often mixed however they do offer a cheap, handy alternative in certain situations.

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